Picture-book illustrator and writer Elissa Elwick has all the fizz and enthusiasm for drawing and painting that so clearly shows in her artwork, and she loves sharing the fun in her drawing, writing and story-making workshops for audiences of all sizes and ages. Whether it’s creating characters from simple shapes, telling a story through pictures, making maps, creating monsters, or drawing dinosaurs, Elissa is up for it, pen at the ready. A regular at book festivals at home and abroad, Elissa’s characterful and cute illustrations having won her many fans, and she’s been described as being ‘like one of her own drawings come to life!’.

She will always come dressed in a fun, brightly coloured outfit and fizz with energy and excitement for drawing, writing and reading.

With prior experience working with children (she used to be a nanny!), Elissa loves to share with young minds (and older minds too)  the joy that comes from creating characters and stories, and debunking the myth that not everyone can do it (what nonsense!).

She will always create a signed original piece of artwork on the day for your school/library/bookshop to keep.

Events can run for half a day or a whole day and are usually focused on one of her books:



Suitable for: years 1-2  / Key stage 1 / Ages 4 - 6 

45 min - 1 hr

A Little Adventurers event would focus on the latest title in the series, What Bear? Where? and - using a Power Point presentation where possible -  would include a reading (involving silly voices and hand puppets, with lots of interaction), some live drawing where Elissa will teach the children, step by step, how to draw one of the Little Adventurers. She will then create a brand new Little Adventurers character, with suggestions from the audience. It would end with the children being officially signed in as honorary Little Adventures....(a rather silly ceremony featuring...a kazoo!)

Activity sheets can be sent over ahead of the visit and book sales can be arranged.

This event can be followed by an illustration and/or story-writing workshop (see section below for details). 



Suitable for: years 1 - 4  / Key stage 1 & 2 / Ages 5 - 9 

45 min - 1 hour

A Stick and Fetch event would focus on the first book in the series, Barking up the wrong tree, and would include a reading (using a Power Point presentation where possible), an introduction to the characters, some live drawing where Elissa will teach the children, step by step, how to draw Fetch. Using the book as a springboard, Elissa will then come up with a new case for the amateur investigators to solve, using suggestions from the children to create a full body Identi-kit drawing of the thief in question...which always yields hilarious results.

Activity sheets can be sent over ahead of the visit and book sales can be arranged.  

This event can be followed by an illustration and/or story-writing workshop (see section below for details). 


Events can, however, be adapted to fit in with a particular subject the children may be studying as part of the curriculum, made up of one or both of the following elements:




Elissa will teach the children how to create their own characters starting from very basic shapes to get even the most reluctant future-illustrator doodling away! It's amazing what can be made simply by starting with a square, circle or triangle!




Elissa will teach the children about the basics of storytelling - from titles, to settings and characters - and demonstrate different ways to generate ideas. She will then assist the children in coming up with stories of their own!



Inspiring any budding artists and authors in the room, Elissa will talk about how she went from being a little girl doodling on her exercise books at school to becoming a full time illustrator and author. She'll show pictures of her colourful, toy filled studio space and share why she thinks it's the best job in the world. 



Elissa is always happy to answer questions, no matter how obscure. (Her favourite one to date..."why did the chicken cross the road?". Yes, someone actually asked her that during a Q&A!)



Please email Elissa for information on fees using the contact details below



For more info or to book Elissa, you can email her at elissa@elissaelwick.co.uk or use the form at the bottom of this page




We have had some excellent visits from authors over the years but staff were in agreement that this visit was the best we have had. The talent on show during the day was clear. The child friendly approach to the visit engaged our children throughout. It was the perfect ending to the week. At the end of the day we were left with two original drawings from Elissa, that will now be framed and displayed in the school. What a fantastic day!
— Head Teacher, Larchwood Primary School
Thank you for another great event. Your illustrations are perfect for Discover visitors. Children and adults alike loved seeing the Stick and Fetch characters come to life before their eyes; it was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about the illustration process in a fun and engaging way. The level of interaction was, as ever, spot on.
— Discover Story Centre, London


Elissa is based in London but is happy to travel anywhere


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